Duggan Investments is a hands-on active investment company, headed by Robert (Bob) Duggan, whom holds an outstanding record of truly impressive results.

In 1975, Bob’s initial investment of $100k and participation saw the start-up artistry company Sunset Designs grow to be a $15m acquisition by Reckitt & Bensicker. In 2015, his prioritization and development of the breakthrough cancer treatment molecule IMBRUVICA® took Pharmacyclics from being a penny-stock to a $21bn merger with AbbVie, Bob's active Directorships have always manifested his philosophy of "not just making a difference - but making a difference for the better of all involved."

Amidst his notable success, Bob made the Forbes 400 list, received the U.S. Congressional Medal of Merit, received a Key to the City of Shanghai, China and was named a Knight of the French Legion D’Honor by President Jacques Chirac of France for his innovative thinking. In addition, he has funded 2 Chairs in Mathematical, Life, and Physical Sciences as well as a Chair in Religious studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he has been a trustee to their Foundation since 1989.

Duggan Investment’s current projects are focused on cutting edge biosciences. These include groundbreaking developments in cancer treatment, anti-microbial treatment, anti-aging, and stem cell research.