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"A willingness to take chances is part and parcel of innovation."

— Bob Duggan


Robert Duggan began his hands-on investment journey with the start-up artistry company Sunset Designs. Through his leadership and an initial $100k investment, Sunset Designs was ultimately acquired by Reckitt & Bensicker for $15m. He now has five decades of profitable business ventures to show for his dedication, as well as awards and a recurring spot on the Forbes Billionaires list.

Under Bob’s guidance, Pharmacyclics' stock price increased from $0.57 a share in Feb 2009, to $261.25 a share in May 2015. Pharmacyclics and its "miracle drug" IMBRUVICA® were acquired by AbbVie for $21 billion in May 2015. As of today, IMBRUVICA® continues its dramatic growth and success, with use in widening indications.

Duggan's active directorships have always manifested his philosophy of "not just making a difference -- but making a difference for the betterment of all involved."

Duggan continues to inspire innovation, direct noteworthy investments, and lead projects focused on cutting-edge biosciences. These include groundbreaking developments in cancer treatment, antimicrobial advancements, anti-aging technologies, and stem cell research, among other endeavors.


Bob was educated at the University of California, where he majored in Business and Economics but did not pursue a degree.

His mentor was Herbert C. Kay, a Wharton fellow, and acclaimed Stanford alumnus. Duggan completed a full-time three-year apprenticeship under Kay's guidance, during which his roots as a venture capitalist were formed.

Timeline / Key Dates


CEO at Summit Therapeutics


Joined Pulse Biosciences as Chairman of the Board


Invested in Human Longevity Inc


Founder of Genius Inc.


Joined OxStem as Non-Executive Director on the Board of Directors


Presented with the Venky Narayanamurti Entrepreneurial Leadership Award


Founder & CEO at Duggan Investments

2007 - 2015

Board of Directors, then CEO & Chairman of the Board of Pharmacyclics

2003 - 2011

Board of Director at Intuitive Surgical


Awarded Knight of the Legion of Honor by French President Jacques Chirac for work on robotic surgical technology

1997 - 2003

Founder, Chairman of the Board & CEO of Metropolis Media

1989 - 2003

Chairman of the Board & CEO of Computer Motion in Santa Barbara


Started serving on the Board of Trustees of UC Santa Barbara Foundation


Presented the US Congressman’s Medal of Merit by Texas Congressman Ron Paul MD

1980 - 1986

Investor in Government Technology Services Inc (GTSI)

1976 - 1987

Investor and creator of Paradise Bakery

1975 - 1986

Investor and Director at Sunset Designs


Switched to the University of California, Los Angeles, studying Business Management


Enrolled in the University of California, Santa Barbara and studied economics


Attended St Francis High School, Mountain View, California


Born in Oakland, California


Some of Duggan’s notable accolades and successes include:

  • Received US Congressional Medal of Merit
  • Included on Forbes Billionaire list
  • Received a Key to the City of Shanghai
  • Named a Knight of the French Legion of Honor by French President Jacques Chirac, specifically for Duggan’s innovative thinking
  • Established two endowed professorships at UC Santa Barbara: Chairs in Mathematics, Life and Physical Sciences. Is a founding donor to the Institute for Energy Efficiency, the XIV Dalai Lama Chair in Tibetan Buddhism and Cultural Studies, Athletics, and is a member of the UC Santa Barbara Gold Circle Society

“The two P’s of perception and perfection are worth validating. One must perceive if one’s ideas are or are not workable. Perceiving requires looking without prejudice and seeing what you see. Not necessarily what you desire to see or what someone else insists you see. But really see, perceive, what is truly there.”

“The cherishing or pursuit of high or noble principles, purposes and goals can lead to levels of creation that spark unparalleled joy.”

“By striving to achieve great things, not just for yourself, but for the betterment of mankind, some will accuse you of being idealistic. Surely, there are worse things to be accused of.”

“Do continue as there is no limit to innovation, joy, happiness and wealth.”

Bob Duggan



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