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Summit's precision antibiotic ridinilazole is in a phase 3 clinical trial

Summit Therapeutics

Recent Projects

Patient-friendly new era standard of care for infectious disease

Summit Therapeutics

Innovations that improve & extend patients’ lives

Pulse Biosciences

Previous Projects

New ways to fight diseases associated with aging

Human Longevity Inc

Developers of the breakthrough oncology cancer drug


Robotic-assisted surgery (RAS)

Intuitive Surgical

Greater precision and dexterity than human surgeons

Computer Motion

Helping countries transition to free-market capitalism

Metropolis Media

A gateway to the Internet

Communication Machinery Company

The first-ever use of a credit card on the Internet

Government Technology Services

Premium distributors of freshly baked cookies

Paradise Bakery

Domination of the market with over 80% market share

Sunset Designs